“Tall, compassionate, meticulous, delicate, quirky and most significantly, mysteriously alluring – these are the words Zoe uses to describe herself, and I could not agree more. 
The first time I met Zoe, towards the end of 2015, I could not believe my good fortune when the door opened on a gorgeous 6′ tall goddess with long, straight blonde hair, and a body hugging dress who then proceeded to rather nervously introduce herself. To be honest, I can’t remember much more about that encounter, as I think my senses were overwhelmed by Zoe’s beauty, her obvious desire to ensure my comfort at all times and to make our encounter as pleasurable as possible, inside and outside of the bedroom. Funnily enough, I do remember the little things, like her insistence on hanging my clothes up while I was showering, and her cleaning my glasses for me before I left (but that may be because she is still just as attentive every time I see her).
A date with Zoe is like getting to know a new girlfriend, where everything is still new and fresh and your senses are all heightened due to nervousness and anticipation and an eagerness to please and be pleased. This is Zoe’s speciality, as  no matter how many times you meet her she always seems able to make each meeting special and feel even better than the last.
As to the bedroom, well mostly the bedroom, Zoe makes our time together feel so personal and intimate that talking about in a public forum feels wrong. Suffice to say I am in my 60’s but Zoe consistently makes me feel like a 20 year old, and to be honest I doubt I ever felt like I do when I am with Zoe even in my twenties! With Zoe’s mixture of pure and obviously heartfelt passion, with just the right amount of kinkiness and a sense of fun and adventure thrown in, I fail to see how any man, or woman, would be able to resist succumbing to her charms.
You can find a list of the services Zoe offers on her website, but take it from me, if you plan to meet Zoe just expecting to perform a list of acts off a menu you probably won’t be disappointed, but I believe you will be doing yourself a disservice as you will not be treating yourself to the experience that is Zoe!”


“I’ve had many bookings with Zoe over the years and have always enjoyed the time spent with her. Zoe has many glowing reviews and she deserves them all. A beautiful woman who can passionately rock your world, Zoe’s true gift is making a man feel comfortable and cared for.

This latest meeting was particularly wonderful and I felt it deserves a review. Everything was organised well ahead of time online and when Zoe’s text with the hotel details came through on the big day I headed straight over to see her. There were big hugs when I came through the door and we retired to the couch to catch up like old friends over drinks. Of course this quickly led to kissing and when Zoe’s hands started wandering down my body I began my own exploration of her gorgeous form.

My advice to anyone who meets with Zoe: let her know what you like and ask her what she enjoys. Zoe has always worked to meet my desires and a little consideration will be greatly rewarded.

With the orgasmically athletic parts of our meeting over, Zoe and I spent some time snuggling to catch our breaths before rinsing off in the shower and catching up again over some food. As with every booking before, I left totally satisfied and promising myself to make another booking with this gorgeous angel as soon as possible.”


“To many people, Zoe Adams does not need any introduction since she has so many glorifying reviews on Punter Planet while she was an angel with Agency Atlantic. I was lucky to know her since the start of her career and met her many times in the past few years. I spent quality time with Zoe even longer than with some of my real life “girl friends”. Zoe is so special in my life.

Detailed description about her in my previous reviews (mesmerising looks, Barbie figure, lovely and genuine personality, superb “technique” etc.) could be bound into a monograph. In fact, we recently celebrated a major milestone in our journey together with roses and rose wine. After a short hiatus, she came back as a fresh independent operator as detailed in her blog. As her first few client in her own business I felt privileged and euphoric in anticipation. I thank God for creating such an angel on earth. I am totally addicted to her and this addiction grows with time. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, you need to meet Zoe in person. The cliché YMMW does not apply to Zoe. I sometimes felt reluctant to write more reviews on Zoe with an ulterior motive that I could keep her all to myself, but I also understand that every man and woman out there deserves some love from a true angel.

Zoe, you are my angel.”


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